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Our working process

Here’s is a summary of how we typically work with our clients....

Channel Media Creative Web Design - Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

A chance for you to meet us and discuss your requirements.

This is a chance for you to meet us and discuss your requirements and for us to get an understanding of how your business works.

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It’s important to the success of your web project that we gather all of the relevant information, including your target audience, your goals and the challenges you face. We’ll also aim to establish what elements would enhance visitors’ experience of your website, including rich media content such as video or galleries.

We may meet more than once if needed, or have additional conversations by phone or email to ensure we fully understand your requirements.

Channel Media Creative Web Design - Planning Phase

Planning Phase

Now we can begin to plan your website

Based on the information we gathered from our initial meetings, we’ll now begin to plan your website.

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At this stage we’ll agree the technologies and applications that will be incorporated into your site and which of our services you require.

We will then produce a document detailing exactly what your web project will involve and setting out realistic timescales, responsibilities, target dates, objectives and goals. This document will allow us to carefully manage the various elements of the design and build, ensuring a successful outcome.

Channel Media Creative Web Design - Design & Development

Design & Development Phase

We will now begin to design the look and feel of your website

Our team will now begin to design the look and feel of your website. We’ll take into consideration things such as your target audience, branding, site accessibility and ease of navigation.

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We’ll then produce a design concept for your new site and make this available for you to view in a secure area of our own website. Based on your feedback, we’ll refine the layout until it meets your approval.

If you decide to use our copywriting service, we’ll also work on your text at this stage, ensuring it conveys your key messages clearly while incorporating enough targeted keyword phrases to keep Google happy.

Our developers will then begin constructing your website, building the pages and incorporating your copy, images, galleries, interactive elements, web forms and any web applications that we’ve agreed upon.

Channel Media Creative Web Design - Testing Phase

Testing Phase

We will now test the functionality of your website and check its compatibility

At this stage our developers will test the functionality of your website and check its compatibility with modern browsers, to ensure that it’s available to the largest possible audience.

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We’ll check the scripts, web forms, interactive elements and applications and make any revisions that are needed. This phase is critical to ensuring visitors to your website will have a positive experience.

Once we’ve completed the testing phase we’ll make the test version of the website available to you to review.

Channel Media Creative Web Design - Delivery & Launch

Delivery and Launch Phase

Your website will be ready to go live

At this point, all the elements identified at the planning stage will be complete and your website will be ready to go live.

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We’ll also submit a site map to the major search engines, detailing where to find your pages.

This will ensure it starts attracting relevant visitors as soon as possible after launch.

Channel Media Creative Web Design - On-going Support

On-going Support

We offer a range of flexible support options

Once your site is live, it’s not the end of our partnership. We offer various flexible support options to suit both your needs and your budget. This can include things such as online marketing, visitor analytics and site upgrades.

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It’s important that you keep your site updated on a regular basis to keep visitors coming back and to continually boost your search engine rankings. Our content management systems give you the power to update your website yourselves.

However if you prefer we can include regular or ad-hoc updates to your website as part of your support package.