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Search Engine optimisation

Our SEO service will help you to improve your visibility on the web and boost your search engine rankings

Our approach to SEO

Modern Search Engine Optimisation should focus on 3 key areas; technical and on-page SEO, content marketing, and user experience and website performance. Success across these areas will see your website achieving the best possible visibility to increase traffic, drive sales or enquiries, and outrank your competitors.
Channel Media Creative Web Design - Technical SEO

Technical SEO

This is the housekeeping and the 'must-do' side of SEO that will make or break your other SEO efforts. Tick the key boxes for search engines so that your website can earn you more traffic and business.

From meta data, keyword relevancy and internal linking, to page redirects, schema mark-up and canonicalisation, we ensure that search engines find no faults or flaws.

Channel Media Creative Web Design - Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We never produce content for the sake of content. Poor performing content can have a negative impact in the same way that engaging, visual and valuable content can have a huge positive impact on your SEO.

From content strategy and content creation, to content promotion and influencer outreach, we ensure your content marketing gains tangible SEO and business results.

Channel Media Creative Web Design - User Experience

User Experience

Google wants to show only the best and most relevant websites to its searchers. How visitors behave and engage with your website and how your website performs now have an increasing impact on SEO.

Though analysing your website performance and your customer journey, our optimisation is guaranteed to please your visitors as well as the search engines.