Web applications

As faster broadband access to the internet has increased, more of our everyday business applications are moving to the web.

We have a range of web based applications that can be integrated into your website, in either a secured area for your staff to access, or made freely available to your clients to improve productivity and make your website more interactive and work better for you.

Web based, hosted applications, often referred to as Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SaaS), is the next step in the evolution of computer software and can have many advantages over the traditional desktop/server applications:

Lower overall costs: Your investment in IT is much lower. The applications are hosted "in the cloud", eliminating the cost of expensive Servers and maintenance.

With Cloud Computing, the set-up costs can be much lower, as you pay a monthly fee for the software rather than a large initial outlay. You also avoid the hassle and expense of software upgrades.

Increased mobility: As both the applications and your data is hosted "in the cloud", you simply access the applications with a web connection. This makes it easy for you to share data. You could effectively run your business from anywhere in the world accessing your data using your laptop or a Smartphone.

Increased security: Your data is better protected from disasters such as server and hard drive failures, malicious software and virus attacks.